Meet our team

We are a team of experienced Au Pairs that are here to help you find the best Au Pair experience in Dublin. We provide all type of consultation and services: from translating your CV and making ready your working references to help you find the perfect host family. We really love what we do, it feels so good to be able to help the others! And because we all had an amazing time as Au Pairs we want to make sure that you also have it. Drop us a line and tell us everything you want to know, sure we will be able to solve all the questions because we are experts in Au Pair programs in Dublin and the only company with a team of Au Pairs ready to help other Au Pairs :)


Andrea Roman


After graduating in Advertising and Public Relations, Andrea moved to Dublin, Ireland in order to improve her English. She spent such an amazing time working as an Au Pair and created a beautiful union with her Host Family. After her Au Pair program Andrea decided to open this space to being able to help anyone finding an Au Pair experience as awesome as hers. With this Au Pair mentoring program Andrea and her team want to offer what any agency or portal can offer you: real advice based on real experiences.